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Tamil Nadu

Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary

90-Km Southeast Of Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu.
Coverage Area 1726 Sq.Kms.
Main Attractions Flamingos
Best Time To Visit Between November and January.
Nearest Airport  
Nearest Railway Station  
Nearby Excursion  

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

65-km From Udhagamandalam, Tamil Nadu.
Coverage Area 321-Sq-Kms.
Main Attractions Chital (spotted deer), Tiger
Best Time To Visit February to June.
Nearest Airport Coimbatore (160 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station
Udhagamandalam (65 Kms), Mysore (95 Kms)
Nearby Excursion  

Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary

90-Km From Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
Coverage Area 958 Sq.Kms.
Main Attractions Porcupine, Elephant
Best Time To Visit January To February And June.
Nearest Airport
Peelamendu (10 Kms) from Coimbatore
Nearest Railway Station
Nearby Excursion  

Kalakadu Wildlife Sanctuary

Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu
Coverage Area 223-Sq-Kms
Main Attractions Lion Tailed Macaque's Preserve
Best Time To Visit September to March
Nearest Airport
Nearest Railway Station
Nearby Excursion  

Mundanthurai Wildlife Sanctuary

Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu
Coverage Area 567-Sq-Km
Main Attractions Project Tiger Reserve
Best Time To Visit October to January
Nearest Airport
Madurai (200 Kms)
Trivandrum (140 Kms)
Nearest Railway Station
Kalakadu (20 Kms)
Nearby Excursion  
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